I’m currently a PhD student at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) @ Queen’s University Belfast, researching digital emulation of musical circuits.


New Github repo: I have made available some MATLAB code designed for filtering audio signals. The filters were designed to be compatible with MATLAB Coder as MATLAB’s default filter design algorithms are not. The filter function was designed as a discrete-time state-space model based on analogue prototype filters of LCR circuits. (available)

Presentation @ DAFx 17: The annual conference was held September 2017 at the University of Edinburgh. I presented “Comparison of Germanium Bipolar Junction Transistor models for real-time circuit simulation”, a paper co-authored with Martin Holters at Helmut Schmidt University and Maarten van Walstijn.

Talk @ CCRMA: Whilst in California summer 2017 I was kindly invited by Kurt Werner to present on Virtual Analog at CCRMA as a part of the seminar “Two Approaches to Virtual Analog Modeling”. My talk, entitled “Replicating Vintage Guitar Pedals: Characterisation of Physical Virtual Analogue Circuits” detailed my recent work on optimising circuit models to input/output data from a measured circuit.

Internship @ Apple: From May to September 2017 I took time out from my PhD to intern with the Audio Hardware group in Cupertino.